Why Calorie Deficit is The Base of All Diet

Keto Diet, Paleo Diet, Mayo Diet, Low-Carb Diet, Low-Fat Diet, Vegan Diet, even Intermittent Fasting, You Name it! All of The Diets Are Based on Caloric Deficit, Because Without Having a Caloric Deficit, None of The Diets Could Work! Why?

Because The Only Way The Body Could Burn Fat is Through Burning Calories Which Requires You To Have a Caloric Deficit -> Consuming Less Calorie Than The Calories You Burn

All of The Diets You Know Are There To Help You Execute Calorie Deficit, For Example 1: Keto Diet, it Was Made So That You Won’t Consume Too Much Carbohydrate, Therefore You’ll Have a Lower Calorie Consumption Leading To Caloric Deficit.

Example 2: Intermittent Fasting, it Was Made So That You Would Only Have a Specific Time Frame To Consume Calories Making it Harder For You To Consume Too Much Calorie. You Will Never Be Able To Burn Fat Without Caloric Deficit.

Now, How Do We Have a Caloric Deficit? There Are Generally 2 Options To Have a Caloric Deficit:

Number One, Consume Less Calorie. This is The Most Popular Way of Diet, Which is To Basically Eat Less Until They Lose Weight. It’s True That You Need To Eat Less, But That Does Not Mean You Just Simply Eat Less, You Need To Track Your Calorie And Track Your Protein Too. If You Simply Eat Less, Yes You’ll Lose Body Weight, But Not Only Fat Are You Losing, But You’re Losing Muscle Mass Too. You’ll Only Have a Smaller Frame/Figure, Not a Fit Figure. The Purpose of Caloric Deficit is Too Lose as Much Fat as You Can While Maintaining Your Muscle Mass So That You Don’t Lose Muscle.

I’ve Explained Why Body Weight is Not Important Here -> https://diet101life.wordpress.com/2019/09/25/body-weight-is-not-important/

I’ve Also Explained Why You Need To Track Your Calorie And Protein Here -> https://diet101life.wordpress.com/2019/08/20/calorie-tracking/

And I’ve Explained How To Do The Correct Way of Diet Here -> https://diet101life.wordpress.com/2019/09/20/how-to-diet-101/

Number Two, Burn More Calories. This is The Second Most Popular Way To Have a Caloric Deficit, Which is To Basically Burn as Much Calorie as You Can. But Same Like Eating Less Calorie, The Goal Here isn’t Simply Just Burning as Much Calorie as You Can, Because But To Also Gain Muscle. That is Why I Recommend To Do Resistance Training More Than Cardio, Because Not Only Are You Burning Calories, You Are Gaining Muscle at The Same Time.

I’ve Explained Why You Need To Workout Here -> https://diet101life.wordpress.com/2019/09/30/why-do-we-need-to-workout/

I’ve Also Explained Why Fitness is The Center of All Sports Here -> https://diet101life.wordpress.com/2020/06/10/why-fitness-is-the-center-of-all-sports/

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Some May Choose Option One Because They Think it’s Easier, Some May Choose Option 2 Because They Think it’s Easier, But it’s Best To Do Both! Because Both Diet And Workout Are Equally Important!

I’ve Explained Why Both Are Important Here -> https://diet101life.wordpress.com/2019/08/21/food-workout-are-equally-important/

What Are The 3 Things That Affect How Your Body is Shaped?

  1. Food. Food is One Of The Most Important Element in Shaping Your Body, Because You Can Only Lose Fat or Gain Muscle By Having a Caloric Deficit or Caloric Surplus. You Certainly Could Not Lose Fat or Gain Muscle Without Caloric Deficit or Caloric Surplus.
  2. Workout/Resistance Training. Working Out is a Large Factor in Shaping Your Body Because Not Only That it Helps You Burn Fat, it is The Only Way For You To Gain Muscle. Gaining Muscle Will Shape Your Body Into a V-Taper For Men and an Hourglass For Woman. Overall, Gaining Muscle Will Help You A Better Figure/Posture, Not Just Burn Fat.
  3. Sleep. In Order For Your Body To Recover Your Muscles, You Need Rest, Which is Sleep. You Typically Need 8 Hours of Sleep For Your Body To Recover Optimally. Because When We Sleep, Our Body Produces Growth Hormone That Will Help Build And Recover Our Muscle To Get Stronger.

Compound VS Isolation

A Compound Movement is a Movement That Trains More Than One Muscle, For Example: Bench Press Trains Chest + Tricep, Pull Up Trains Back + Bicep, Squat Trains Quadricep + Hamstring + Glutes

An Isolation Movemnet is a Movement That Trains Specifically One Muscle, For Example: Chest Fly Trains Only Chest, Bicep Curl Trains Only Bicep, Leg Extension Trains Only Quadricep

Now Which One is Better?

Although Compound Movement is More Crucial Because It’s The Basics, But If You Lack Muscle in Some Minor Parts Of Your Body, Isolation Movements Will Surely Help You, The Best is To Do Both

It is True That With Compound Movement Allows a Muscle To Lift Heavier Than When Trained By Isolation Movement, And That’s Just One Muscle, Compound Movements Uses More Than One Muscle, Making You Able To Lift Heavier Than Lift With Isolation Movements

I Recommend To Do Compound Movements First Before Doing Isolation Movements in Your Workout, Because You Would Only Need To Do Warm Up Set Once, Because The Isolation Movements You’ll Do Involves The Muscles Involved in The Compound Movements You Previously Do, So You’ll No Longer Need Another Warm Up Set For Your Isolation Movements

I Do Personally Favor Compound Movements More Than Isolation Movements Because It’s More Efficient in Training The Whole Body And It’s The Basics You Need To Master, Like THE GOLDEN FIVE: Squat, Deadlift, Bench Press, Pull Up, And Overhead Press or Like THE SUPERIOR SIX: Vertical Pull (Pull Up), Horizontal Pull (Pendlay Row), Vertical Push (Overhead Press), Horizontal Push (Bench Press), Squat, And Deadlift, Those Are All Compound Movements, But That Doesn’t Mean I Don’t Do Isolation Movements at All, I Still Do My Isolation Movements But After I’ve Done My Compound Workouts, So I DO BOTH, This is Just My Opinion If I Only Get To Choose Only One in Between Compound And Isolation, I’d Definitely Choose Compound Movements Over Isolation Movements

Carbohydrate VS Fat

Don’t Be Afraid of Consuming Carbohydrate!

In Fact, When ‘Bulking’ Bodybuilders Have 60-65% of Carbohydrate on Their Meals, Because Our Muscle Need Carbohydrate To Grow And Our Muscle Need Carbohydrate To Recover, Not Just Protein

Don’t Be Afraid of Consuming Fat!

As Long As You’re in a Caloric Deficit, You Will Not Gain Fat By Consuming Fat! The Fat You Consumed Would Just Be Burned Since You’re in a Caloric Deficit. The Fat You Gain is From Excess Calories You Consume, Since Calorie is Energy, Energy That is Not Used/Burned Will Be Stored in The Body as Fat

The One You Really Need To Track is Your Calorie And Protein Intake

Why? Because Both Are The Key To Your Diet! You Can’t Lose Weight Without Caloric Deficit And You Can’t Gain Weight Without Caloric Surplus! And You Need Protein To Build Your Muscle!

I’ve Explained How Much Calorie Intake And Protein Intake You Should Consume Everyday Here:

Calorie Intake -> https://diet101life.wordpress.com/2019/09/11/calorie-intake/

Protein Intake -> https://diet101life.wordpress.com/2019/09/12/protein-intake/

Conclusion: What You Need To Actually Track is Your Calorie And Protein, Your Carbohydrate Intake And Fat Intake May Alter As Long As You Track Your Calorie, Although You May Want To Have 60-65% of Carbohydrate on Your Meal When You’re Bulking

There’s a Wonderful Analogy For Carbs and Fats Alteration By Pheasyque Here -> https://www.facebook.com/pheasyque/posts/1758611807606499/

Does Fitness Stunts Growth?

Simple Answer, NO!

Complete Answer, It May Stunt Your Growth if You Got Injured, But As Long As You Practice Good Form And Not Ego-Lifting, it May Even Help You Get Taller

I Have Proof:

But Why Do Most Bodybuilders And/Or Powerlifters Are Short?

Well… Let Me Explain

For Bodybuilders, Imagine a 170 cm (5’7″) Person And a 180 cm (5’11”) Person, If Each Person Gain 10 Kg (22 lbs) of Muscle, Which One Would Look More Muscular? That’s Right! The Shorter One, That’s Why Most Bodybuilders Are Short And Arnold Schwarzenegger is The Tallest Mr. Olympia Until Now

For Powerlifters, Imagine Doing a 200 Kg (440 lbs) Squat, Will it Be Easier With a Longer Leg or Shorter Leg? That’s Right! The Shorter Leg, Because it’s Closer For The Shorter Leg To Go From Point A To B, Therefore You Don’t Need To Do a Longer Range For Your Squat Making You Able To Lift Heavier

So, How Do I Get Tall?

1. Genetics. Please Listen, 60-80% of Your Height is From Your Genetics, There’s No Magic Food or Magic Activity That Will Make You Significantly Taller Than Your Parents or Grandparents, But You Can Still Get Taller Than Your Parents or Grandparents By Taking Care of Your Food And Physical Activity

2. Food. Foods With High Protein And Calcium Will Help You Complete Your Nutrition For Your Growth, Many Teens May Not Have Enough Nutrition When They Weight Lift, Because They Need Nutrition For Both Their Muscle And Their Growth, Making Them Lack Their Nutrition For Their Growth, Stunting Their Growth, So it’s Not The Weight Lifting, It May Be The Nutrition, Other Nutrition Like Vitamin C, Vitamin D, And Zinc May Help Too

3. Physical Activity. Do Not Favor Basketball And Swimming For Physical Activity! There is No Scientific Proof That Swimming And Basketball Makes You Taller, It Just Happens That Basketball Players And Swimmers Are Tall! Here I’m Talking About All Physical Activity Including Weight Lifting, That’s Right! It Doesn’t Stunt Your Growth, It Actually Helps Your Growth! Again, As Long As Your Not Injured And/Or Ego-Lifting! If You’re Still Afraid To Weight Lift, You Could Still Do Fitness With Calisthenics

I Highly Recommend Teens To Do Calisthenics First Before Going into Weight Lifting, Because Why Would You Do a Bench Press When You Can’t Even Do a Push Up, Bench Press Shall Only Be Necessary When Push Ups Are Too Easy For You, Calisthenics Will Help You a Lot in Weight Lifting Since it Will Train Your Core Muscle Which is The Muscle We Need To Have a Good Form in Weight Lifting And Prevent Injury

How To Burn Belly Fat

NO! You Can’t Specifically Burn Only Your Belly Fat! You’re Going to Burn Your Whole Body Fat! You Can’t Spot Reduce Fat By Doing a Movement That Trains That Specific Spot’s Muscle!

Example: Sit-Ups Trains Abs Muscle, Not Burn Abs Fat, Sit-Ups Burns Calories, it Burns The Whole Body Fat

Although Your Abdominal Muscle Will Be Growing, Which Makes Your Abdominal Look Toner, But Your Six Pack Can Only Be Seen By Burning Your Body Fat, Building The Muscle Will Only Make the Abs Look Nicer Once You Have a Lower Body Fat

Any Workout That You Do Burns The Whole Body Fat, Not Specific Body Part Fat But The Whole Body Fat

Your Goal Shouldn’t Be Burning Your Belly Fat, But Your Whole Body Fat! It’s Necessary For You To Train Abs, But Don’t Just Train Abs, Train Your Whole Body!

You Can Only Reduce Your Whole Body Fat, So if You Have a Double Chin, Chances Are You’ll Have a Belly Fat, But if You Have a Jawline, Chances Are You’ll Have Abs, Your Fat Goes Down Simultaneously

Workouts Aren’t Supposed To Burn Fat, Sure it Burns Calorie But its Main Point is To Build Muscle, Not Burn Fat, Diet is What You Need To Burn Fat, That’s Why You Need Both Workout and Diet To Burn Fat And Build Muscle, And Don’t Try To Escape Diet, Because You Can’t Out Burn The Calorie You Consume With The Calorie You Burn, The Solution is To Find a Diet That’s Fun And Easy To Do, Caloric Deficit!

Be Patient With Diet, The Faster You Want it to Be Done, The Faster Your Body Will Go Back, And You’ll Be Stuck in a Yo-Yo Effect, The Key is Just Caloric Deficit, And Be Patient, You Didn’t Get To This Point in a Week, So You Will Not Reach Your Goal Within a Week

Do Not Torture Yourself, Diet Must Be Fun To Maintain, Torturing Yourself Will Only Make You Demotivated And Want The Diet To End, And Once it Ends, You’ll Eat The Baddest Cheat Meal Ever And Lose Your Body, Again Yo-Yo Effect, By Making The Diet Fun, You’ll Easily Maintain The Diet For Months, Remember, Diet is a Lifestyle, Not Something You Do For an Occasion, Just Like What I Said on My “Diet 101 Definition” Post

Cardio Can Help Burn Calories, But Again, it Shouldn’t Be Your Main Point, You Can’t Out Burn The Calorie You Consume With The Calorie You Burn, But it Helps, You Can Burn Extra Calories By Doing Diet And Cardio At The Same Time, And it Benefits Your Heart, Since it’s an Exercise For Our Heart, Not Really For Burning Fat

If You’re Wondering Why Don’t We Just Do Diet Instead of Workout And Diet at The Same Time? Check This Out! -> https://diet101life.wordpress.com/2019/09/30/why-do-we-need-to-workout/

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Cool Down/Post-Workout Routine

These Are Some Suggestions For Your Cool Down/Post-Workout Routine:

1. Stretch. It’s Important For You To Stretch After Your Workout To Relax The Muscle, Helping in its Recovery and Growth

2. Eat. This is Crucial Because Your Muscle Need Food After Your Workout, it Doesn’t Need To Be Done Immediately, But Not Too Long, Just As Fast As You Can, You Have Time Around 0-3 Hours After Your Workout, Here Are Some Points You Need To Check For This Routine:

  • Protein Intake: It’s Important For You To Consume Protein Within 0-3 Hours After Your Workout, Because Muscle Protein Synthesis Occur After Your Workout, It’s The Time When Your Muscle Are Sensitive Towards Protein
  • Carbohydrate Intake: Within 30-90 Minutes After Your Workout, Your Muscle Needs Insulin, And Your Body Creates Insulin By Consuming Carbohydrate/Sugar, This is Probably The Chance For You To Have Your Cheat Meal
  • Micronutrients Intake: Consume Micronutrients That Will Help You Digest The Protein You Consume And That Will Help Your Muscle Growth

3. Rest. It’s Crucial For You To Get an 8 Hour Sleep Everyday To Help Muscle Recovery And Muscle Growth

Warm Up/Pre-Workout Routine

These Are Some Suggestions For Your Warm Up/Pre-Workout Routine:

1. Stretching. You Could Stretch Your Muscle That You’re About To Train To Prevent Cramps

2. Warm Up Set. This Warm Up is Crucial To Do So That Your Muscle Would Be Ready To Lift Something Heavy, Example: If You Want To Do Squat For 40 Kg For 8 Reps, You Can Warm Up By Doing Squats (No Weight) For 20 Reps First, And Then Rest, And Then 25 Kg For 12 Reps, And Then Rest, And Then You Can Start Your Workout, Now That You Have Warmed Up Your Legs, You Don’t Need To Warm it Up Again On Your Next Few Leg Workouts (On That Day)

3. Mobility. This is Another Crucial Warm Up Because it Will Ready Your Joints To Do Some Movements, Specially Lifting Something Heavy, Example: If You Want To Do Squat, You Can Hold a Squat Position To Help Ready Your Joints

4. Cardio. This is Optional, You Could Do Cardio To Heat Your Body Up To 37″Celcius To Make Your Workout More Optimal

5. Eat. This is Again Optional, You Could Eat Before Your Workout So That You Feel Energized, But it Would Really Help When You’re Bulking So That The Calorie You Burn From The Workout Will Be From The Meal And Not Your Fat/Muscle (Body), Preventing Muscle Protein Breakdown

Muscle Names

It’s Important For You To Know Muscle Names To Know What Muscle Are You Training While Doing a Certain Movement

We Could Split These Muscle Into 3 Muscle Groups To Make it Easier For You:

The First Muscle Group Would Be The Push Muscle Group, The Muscle That Helps You Push, Upper Chest (Pectoralis Major Clavicular Head), Chest (Pectoralis Major Sternal Head), Tricep, Anterior Deltoid (Front Shoulder)

The Second Muscle Group Would Be The Pull Muscle Group, The Muscle That Helps You Pull, Upper Trapezius, Lower Trapezius, Latissimus Dorsi, Rhomboid (Major & Minor), Teres (Major & Minor), Bicep, Posterior Deltoid (Back Shoulder)

The Third Muscle Group Would Be The Leg Muscle Group, The Muscle That Helps Any Movements Involving The Leg, Quadricep (Front Thigh), Hamstring (Back Thigh), Glutes (Butt), Calves (Gastrocnemius & Soleus)

After The Three Muscle Group, You Just Need To Know The Rest of The Muscle, Like: Abdominal (ABS/6Pack), Medial Deltoid (Middle Shoulder), Obligue, and Forearms

Here Are Some Pictures That May Help You:

You Can Explore More and Deeper Here -> https://www.healthline.com/human-body-maps/muscular-system#1

For You To Know What Muscle Are You Using in Any Movement, You Just Need To Know The Definition of Using Muscle, It’s Shortening a Muscle, So in Any Movement You See, Take a Look at What Muscle is Shortened/Flexed, Then You Will Know What Muscle is Being Used in Any Movement

Why Resistance Training?

First of All, The Only Way For You To Gain Muscle is By Training Them, Which is What Resistance Training is

If You’re Goal is To Lose Weight and Not Lose Fat, Just Do Diet, But if You Want To Transform Your Body and Achieve Your Body Goal, You Need Resistance Training, I’ve Explained Why We Need To Do Workout Here -> https://diet101life.wordpress.com/2019/09/30/why-do-we-need-to-workout/

Again, If You’re Goal is Just To Lose Weight, Just Do Cardio and Burn As Much Calorie As You Want, But If You Want To Gain Muscle, You Need Resistance Training, I’ve Explained Cardio VS Resistance Training Here -> https://diet101life.wordpress.com/2020/02/09/cardio-vs-resistance-training/

Resistance Training Will Also Help You To Have a Strong Base in All Sports Which I’ve Explained Here -> https://diet101life.wordpress.com/2020/06/10/why-fitness-is-the-center-of-all-sports/

Why Fitness is The Center of All Sports

Fitness is The Center of All Sports! Why? Let’s Agree That All Sports Requires You To Move And All Movements Involves Your Muscles, Therefore All Sports Needs To Train Their Muscle

For Example: Swimming (Butterfly Stroke) Mainly Uses The Lattisimus Dorsi, Tricep, And Quadricep, So By Training Those Muscle at The Gym, I Will Be Better at Swimming (Butterfly Stroke)

Sports Mainly Are Consist of 3 Elements: Strength, Endurance, and Technique

We Train Strength By Resistance Training, We Train Endurance By Cardio, And We Train Technique By Doing The Sport itself

And Those 3 Elements Should Balance, If You Only Train Strength and Technique, You Won’t Be Able To Perform Long, If You Only Train Endurance and Technique, You Won’t Be Able To Perform Strongly/Powerfully, And If You Only Train Strength and Endurance, You Won’t Be Able To Perform

But, By Training Strength and Endurance in The First Place Would Help You Learn Any Sport You Want, Because You Already Have a Strong Base, You Just Need To Train Your Technique

Types of Resistance Training

Usually People Break This Down Into Just 2 Categories, Which Are Calisthenic and Gym, But We Could Break Down The Gym Into Another 3 Categories, Which Are Free-Weight, Machine, and Cable

Here Are The Examples of The Types of Resistance Training:

We Will Use The Same Muscle Group For The Example

1. Calisthenic

2. Free Weight

3. Machine

4. Cable

Benefits Of Each Type Of Resistance Training:

1. Calisthenic. Calisthenic is Very Good For Compound Training and For Your Mobility and Stability, Although This Workout is A Little Hard When You Want To Add Difficulty/Weight, Because You Need To Change Technique Instead of Adding Weight Like in The Gym, And It’s Also Hard To Find an Isolation Workout Here

2. Free Weight. Free Weight is Also Very Good For Compound Training, Although It’s Also Good For Isolation Training, It Also Trains Stability And It’s Easy To Add Difficulty/Weight Here, But Free Weight Requires a Strong Core And Could Lead To Injury If it Were Done Wrong

3. Machine. Machine is Very Good To Focus On Your Workout Because It’s Only 1 Dimensional, Which Means That It Only Goes One Way, Making it Easier Because You Don’t Need To Think About Stability, That is Why Machines Are Best For Beginners And Isolation Workout, But it Can Also Be Bad If You Don’t Train Stability Because You Can Create Muscle Imbalance/Assymetry

4. Cable. Cable is Very Good To Create Resistance Even In The End Of Your Movement Unlike Free Weight And Machine That Only Creates Resistance in The Movement, Cable is Just As Good As Free Weight For Training Stability And Cables Are Saving Space Because Two Cables Can Do a Full Body Workout, Just Like The Example Below:

But Calisthenic Can Also Be Helped By Gym Equipments, For Example:

Calisthenic X Machine and Calisthenic X Free Weight

Calisthenic X Machine Can Help You Do Pull Up Easier Without Changing Techniques, Calisthenic X Free Weight Can Help You Progressive Overload Without Changing Techniques

How Long You Should Rest in Between Sets

Rest Time May Vary Between a Compund Workout or an Isolation Workout, You Don’t Want To Rest Too Long That Your Muscle Aren’t Activated Anymore And You Don’t Want To Rest Too Fast That Your Muscle Are Too Fatigued, So How Long Should Your Rest Time Last?

For Compound Workout, It May Be From 2-3 Minutes Since You’re Working More Than 1 Muscle Group

For Isolation Workout, It May Be From 60-90 Seconds Since You’re Just Working 1 Muscle Group

Gym Slangs

Reps = Repetition = How Many Times You Are Repeating The Movement in a Set, Example: You Doing 15 Reps of Push Up is You Doing 15 Push Ups

Set = How Many Times You Repeat The Set, Example: You Doing 15 Push Up 3 Times is You Doing Push Up For 15 Reps and 3 Sets

Rest = Your Rest in Between Your Sets, Usually Last From 1-3 Minutes

AMRAP = As Many Reps As Possible = Doing as Much Reps as Possible in a Set

PR = Personal Record = Your Best Lift

1RP = One Rep Max = The Heaviest Weight You Can Lift in One Rep

Isolation Workout = A Workout That Specifically Trains One Muscle, Example: Bicep Curls

Compound Workout = A Workout That Trains 2 or More Muscle, Example: Incline Bench Press Trains Chest, Tricep, and Anterior Deltoid

Superset = When You Jump From A Set of Workout To Another Set of Workout With No Rest, Example: After You Finish Doing A Set of Bench Press You Immediately Start A Set of Pull Up With No Rest

Failure = This is When Your Muscle is Fatigued Enough That it Can’t Lift Anymore So You Dropped The Weights or Did an Imperfect Form, This Could Usually Cause an Injury, Example: When You Do a Push Up and You Can’t Push Harder on Your Last Set, You Dropped Down To The Ground

Spotting = When You Feel Like You May Experience Failure, You Asked a Friend To Spot You, Meaning That He Will Be Assisting You To Lift The Weight If You Did Experience Failure, Example: You’re Attempting Your 1 Rep Max, But Then It’s Too Heavy For You, So You Can’t Lift it Anymore, But Thanks To The Spotter, The Weights Didn’t Drop On You Because He Assisted You Lifting it

Forced Rep = A Rep That Was Assisted By Yourself or a Spotter, Example: When You Can’t Lift a Bicep Curl With Your Left Hand Anymore So Your Right Hand Assisted it OR When You Can’t Lift a Bench Press Anymore And Then The Spotter Assisted You Lifting it

DOMS = Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness = When Your Muscle That You Had Just Trained is Sore The Next Day, Usually Happens Because You’re A Beginner OR You Just Hit a New PR

Progressive Overload = Increasing Your Weight or Reps or Sets On The Next Week or Session Of Your Workout

Calisthenic = A Workout That Only Uses Bodyweight, Example: Pull Up

Healthy ≠ Fit Body Shape ≠ Strong

Having a Fit Body Shape Doesn’t Mean That You’re Healthy And/Or Strong, You May Have a Fit Body But You May Not Eat Healthy Foods and You May Not Have a Good Cardio, You May Have a Fit Body But You May Not Be as Strong as a Powerlifter and Not as Strong as an MMA Fighter

First, Lets Talk About Having a Fit Body Shape, To Have a Fit Body Shape, You Just Need To Track Your Calorie and Your Macro-Nutrition And You Need To Train Your Muscles With a Hypertrophy Program, it Doesn’t Require You To Track Your Micro-Nutrition or To Train Your Cardio (Even Though it Could Help), Having a Fit Body Shape Means That You Strive To Have Lower Body Fat and Higher Muscle Mass, Just Like Bodybuilding. But Having a Fit Body Shape May Help You To Have a Healthy and Strong Body, Because By Having a High Muscle Mass, You Don’t Need To Be Afraid of Consuming Too Much Sugar, Salt, Cholestrol, or Fat, Because Those Substance Will Be Absorbed To Your Muscle, And Since You Have a High Muscle Mass You’d Lift Heavy Stuff Easier

Now, Lets Talk About Being Strong, By Being Strong You Don’t Really Need a Fit Body Shape, You May Be Big and Strong For Powerlifters and MMA Fighters, You May Be Lean and Strong For Traditional Martial Artists, It Doesn’t Require You To Have a Fit Body Shape (Low Fat High Muscle), It Only Requires You To Be as Strong as Possible For Lifting as Heavy as You Can or For Fighting as Strong as You Can, But Being Strong Will Help You To Have More Muscle Mass Than Average People, Since You Need Those Muscle To Be Strong

Lastly, Lets Talk About Being Healthy, By Being Healthy You Don’t Really Need a Fit Body Shape, You Just Need a Healthy Body, Meaning It’s About The Interior Instead of The Exterior, It’s About What You Eat and How Strong Your Cardiovascular Strength is, But Being Healthy Will Help You To Have a Pretty Lean Body, You’d Have a Pretty Good Body Fat Around 18-22% For Men and 22-26% For Women

Here Are Some Examples of How Their Body Would Look Like:

As You Can See, This is How Each Category Would Approximately Look Like, Being Strong Will Help You Gain More Muscle Mass, Being Healthy Will Help You Get Pretty Lean, Having a Fit Body Shape Means Both Having a High Muscle Mass and Also Low Body Fat

YES! You Can Be Strong, Healthy, and Have a Fit Body Shape All in One! How? You Can Train Your Strength By Joining a Martial Art, Train Your Body By Going To The Gym, And Eat Healthy Foods, All in One!

7 Reasons Why Your Friend Eat a Lot But Doesn't Get Fat

1. Calorie Density

He May Eat a Lot, But Not a Lot of Calorie. Lets Take a Look at Food’s Calorie Density, Like For Example:

2. His Only Meal / One of His Meal

The Meal That You See Him Eating May Be His Only Meal For The Day OR He May Eat a lot on One Meal and Eat Fewer For The Rest of His Meal For That Day

3. Cheat Day

This is Similar To Number 2, But it’s Different Because You Saw Him Eating a Lot The Whole Day, And You’ve Counted That The Calorie Was Also a Lot, But He is Still Not Fat, Well You May See Him Eating a Lot on His Cheat Day, Which is a Day For Him To Eat Whatever He Wants and Go Back To Diet on The Next Day, Famous Celebrity Like Dwayne Johnson Also Does This, Here Are Some Pictures of Dwayne Johnson Having His Cheat Day:

150 Days of Eating Clean

4. Fast Metabolism

He May Have a Fast Metabolism Because of His Genetic, This is What 99% of People Say When They Have a Friend That Eats a lot But Doesn’t Get Fat, They Would Say That He is Genetically Gifted, NO! He May Also Have a Fast Metabolism Because of Workout & Diet, So Fast Metabolism Can Be Acquired, Don’t Just Rely On Your Genetic

5. Low Body Fat Percentage

He May Have a Very Low Body Fat Percentage, Like 7-12%, That’s Why He is Not Yet Fat

6. High TDEE

Age & Gender is The First Factor To Our TDEE, In Most Case, Teen Needs More Calorie Than Adults and Male Needs More Calorie Than Women, You Can Check Your TDEE at https://tdeecalculator.net/

Workout Would Be The Second Factor, Because By Working Out, You Burn More Calories Allowing You To Eat More Calories, And After Working Out, There’s an Afterburn Effect Which Burns Fat 24 Hours After Your Workout Which Again Allows You To Eat More Calories, And After Your Muscles Are Built, Your Body Will Need More Calorie For Your Muscle To Consume Which Once Again Allows You To Eat More Calories

7. Thyroid

Last But Not Least, Your Friend May Have Hyperthyroidism, Which is a Disease That Accelerate Your Body’s Metabolism, Causing Unintentional Weight Loss And a Rapid or Irregular Heartbeat, You as a Friend Should Concern Him if You Have Checked Reason 1-6, But Most Importantly, Check Reason Number 1, Because He May Eat a Lot of Low Calorie Dense Food

Cardio VS Resistance Training

Cardio and Resistance Training Has Been The Most Popular Exercise in The Gym But The Ultimate Question is, Which One is Better?

Let’s Talk About Cardio First, Cardio is in Fact The Best Calorie-Burning Exercise, You Can Burn 700 Calories / Hour Where as in Resistance Training You Only Burn 200 Calories / Hour, But What is a Cardio Workout? A Cardio Workout is a Workout That Trains The Heart, I Mean The Name itself Should Explain, Cardio Refers to Heart, But How Do You Do a Cardio Workout? Have You Ever Jog, Cycle, or Swim and Then Your Heart Start Pounding? Yes, That’s Cardio! So For Cardio, You Can Jog, Cycle, or Swim For The Most Common Cardio Workout

This is The Way Cardio Burn Calories:

  1. Burns Calories. in Fact, The Best Calorie-Burning Exercise.

Benefits of Cardio:

  1. Healthier Heart. it Trains Your Heart To Be Stronger/Trains Your Endurance.
  2. Better Lungs Capacity. it Increases Our Lungs Capacity

Now, Let’s Talk About Resistance Training, Resistance Training is The Workout That Trains Your Muscle, it Could Be Calisthenic or Weight Lifting, Though it May Not Burn as Much Calorie as Cardio Do, it Can Burn Calories After Your Workout Where as in Cardio You’re Only Burning Calories When Doing The Workout, Once You’re Done, it Will Stop Burn Calories

These Are The Ways Resistance Training Burn Calories:

  1. Burns Calories. Even Though it May Not Burn as Much Calorie as Cardio Do it Still Burns 200 Calorie / Hour.
  2. Afterburn Effect. Not Only Burning Calorie While You Workout, But Your Body Will Still Burn Calorie For The Next 24 Hours From Your Workout.
  3. Increase in TDEE. Once The Muscle Grew Bigger, Your Body Needs More Food To Feed Your Muscle, Hence Increase in Your Total Daily Calorie Need.

Benefits of Resistance Training:

  1. Bigger Muscle. Makes You Look Good.
  2. Stronger Muscle. Makes Lifting Heavy Stuff Easier For You.
  3. Stronger Bone. Makes You Able To Still Do Deadlifts When You Grow Old.

I Personally Choose Resistance Training Over Cardio But That Doesn’t Mean Cardio is Not Important at All, I Still Do Cardio Once a Week To Have a Healthier Heart, Not To Burn Calories or Burn Fat, Because By its Name “Cardio” it’s Clearly an Exercise For Heart Not For Burning Fat, If You Want To Burn Fat I Suggest You Do Resistance Training Because it Burns Your Fat When You’re Working Out, After You Workout, And it Even Increases Your TDEE When Your Muscles Are Built

Progressive Overload

Why is Progressive Overload Important For Your Workout Plan?

Because Without Progressive Overload You’ll End Up Not Gaining More Muscle and Strength, Imagine This, Week 1 Of Your Squat Weights, Repetitions, and Sets Are 40Kg 8 Reps 3 Sets, And Week 2 You Did The Same Thing, And Week 3 You Did The Same Thing, How Are Your Muscle Suppose To Increase in Size and Strength? You’ll Be Stuck!

So What Are The Ways To Do Progressive Overloads?

  1. Increase in Weights. This is Actually The Most Common Way To Do Progressive Overload, So For Example You Squat 40Kg 8 Reps 3 Sets on Week 1, You Can Do 42,5Kg 8 Reps 3 Sets on Week 2, And You Can Do 45Kg 8 Reps 3 Sets on Week 3.
  2. Increase in Repetitions. Other Than Weights You Can Also Increase Your Repetitions in Your Workout To Do Progressive Overload, So For Example You Squat 40Kg 8 Reps 3 Sets on Week 1, You Can Do 40Kg 10 Reps 3 Sets on Week 2, And You Can Do 40Kg 12 Reps 3 Sets on Week 3.
  3. Increase in Sets. The Last Way To Do Progressive Overload is To Increase Your Sets in Your Workout, So For Example You Squat 40Kg 12 Reps 3 Sets on Week 1, You Can Do 40Kg 12 Reps 4 Sets on Week 2, And You Can Do 40kg 12 Reps 5 Sets on Week 3.


  1. 40Kg 8 Reps 3 Sets -> 42,5Kg 8 Reps 3 Sets / Weights Increase
  2. 40Kg 8 Reps 3 Sets -> 40Kg 10 Reps 3 Sets / Reps Increase
  3. 40Kg 8 Reps 3 Sets -> 40Kg 8 Reps 4 Sets / Sets Increase

Is That it? No! You Can Also Combine These 3 Ways, For Example:

  1. 40Kg 12 Reps 3 Sets -> 45Kg 8 Reps 3 Sets / W:+ R:- S:0 / Volume: –
  2. 40Kg 8 Reps 5 Sets -> 45Kg 8 Reps 3 Sets / W:+ R:0 S:- / Volume:
  3. 40Kg 10 Reps 4 Sets -> 45Kg 8 Reps 3 Sets / W:+ R:- S:- / Volume:
  4. 40Kg 12 Reps 3 Sets -> 40Kg 8 Reps 5 Sets / W:0 R:- S:+ / Volume: +
  5. 45Kg 8 Reps 3 Sets -> 40Kg 8 Reps 5 Sets / W:- R:0 S:+ / Volume: +
  6. 42,5Kg 10 Reps 3 Sets -> 40Kg 8 Reps 5 Sets / W:- R:- S:+ / Volume: +
  7. 45Kg 8 Reps 3 Sets -> 40Kg 12 Reps 3 Sets / W:- R:+ S:0 / Volume: +
  8. 40Kg 8 Reps 5 Sets -> 40Kg 12 Reps 3 Sets / W:0 R:+ S:- / Volume:
  9. 42,5Kg 8 Reps 4 Sets -> 40Kg 12 Reps 3 Sets / W:- R:+ S:- / Volume: +
  10. 45Kg 8 Reps 3 Sets -> 40Kg 10 Reps 4 Sets / W:- R:+ S:+ / Volume: +
  11. 40Kg 12 Reps 3 Sets -> 42,5Kg 8 Reps 4 Sets / W:+ R:- S:+ / Volume: –
  12. 40Kg 8 Reps 5 Sets -> 42,5Kg 10 Reps 3 Sets / W:+ R:+ S:- / Volume:
  13. 40Kg 8 Reps 3 Sets -> 40Kg 10 Reps 4 Sets / W:0 R:+ S:+ / Volume: +
  14. 40Kg 8 Reps 3 Sets -> 42,5Kg 10 Reps 3 Sets / W:+ R:+ S:0 / Volume: +
  15. 40Kg 8 Reps 3 Sets -> 42,5Kg 8 Reps 4 Sets / W:+ R:0 S:+ / Volume: +
  16. 40Kg 8 Reps 3 Sets -> 42,5Kg 10 Reps 4 Sets / W:+ R:+ S:+ / Volume: ++

I Know, it May Seem Complicated and You May Be Asking:

  • “Why is Number 3 and 10 is The Same But Just The Other Way Round And Both Are Still Progressive Overload?”,
  • “What Makes a Decrease in Volume Can Still Be Progressive Overload?”,
  • “How Can a Decrease in Weights, Repetitions, And Sets Makes Progressive Overload?”

Here, Let Me Explain, This Can Answer 3 of Those Questions, So Basically There Will Be 2 Types of Progressive Overload, Which Are: Increase in Weight And Increase in Volume, Most of The Time if You Increase Your Weight You’ll Most Likely Decrease Your Repetitions And/Or Sets And That Makes Your Volume Decrease (Just Like Number 1,2,3,11,12), But You Did Progressive Overload By Adding More Weights, But You Can Also Do Progressive Overload By Decreasing Your Weights But Also Increase Your Repetitions And/Or Sets, This Makes Our Volume Increase Because Repetition And Especially Set Leverage Volume More Than Weight (Just Like Number 4,5,6,7,9,10,13,14,15)

So You May Still Be Asking “So Which One is Better For Tracking Progress, Volume or Weights?”

Both! Even Though The Standard For Progressive Overload Should Be Volume But How is it Progressive Overload if You Don’t Increase Your Weight at All, You Can’t Just Increase Repetition and Set All The Time, You Need To Also Increase Your Weight, And Every Time You Increase Your Weight You Will Most Likely Decrease Your Volume and That’s Okay Because You Can Increase Your Volume On The Next Week, For Example:

  • Week 1: 40Kg 12 Reps 3 Sets Volume: 1440Kg
  • Week 2: 45Kg 8 Reps 3 Sets Volume: 1080Kg
  • Week 3: 45Kg 12 Reps 3 Sets Volume: 1620Kg

I Personally Do My Compound Workouts Like The Example Above, I Rarely Decrease My Weights, I Also Rarely Change My Sets, But if I Know That I Can’t Increase My Weights and Repetitions Then I’ll Increase My Sets, But Most Of The Time I Increase My Weight and Just Change The Repetitions, So it Would Be a Synergy Between Volume Progressive Overload and Weights Progressive Overload, But on My Isolation Workouts, I Sometimes Can’t Increase My Weight And Hit a Plateau So What I Can Do is Just To Increase My Repetitions and Sets And/Or Decrease My Weights But End Up With More Volume, For Example:

  • Bicep Curls:
  • Week 1: 10Kg 10 Reps 3 Sets Volume: 300
  • Week 2: 8Kg 12 Reps 5 Sets Volume: 480
  • Week 3: 10Kg 12 Reps 3 Sets Volume: 360
  • OR
  • Leg Extensions:
  • Week 1: 10Kg 8 Reps 5 Sets Volume: 400
  • Week 2: 10Kg 12 Reps 5 Sets Volume: 600

BONUS: Slowing Down The Movement of Your Workout or Perfecting Good Form Are Also Progressive Overloads

Summary: So For You To Do Progressive Overload You Can Just Increase More Weights, Increase More Volume, or Fix Your Form

Volume of Workout

If You Want To Count The Volume Of Your Workout You Can Just Multiply Your Weight That You Lift, Reps, and Sets (Weight x Reps x Sets), Example: I Just Did a 45Kg Squat For 8 Reps 3 Sets VS I Just Did a 40Kg Squat For 12 Reps 3 Sets, The Volume Would Be 45 x 8 x 3 VS 40 x 12 x 3, Which is 1.080Kg VS 1.440 Kg, So It Doesn’t Mean If Your Lifting Heavier You’re Lifting More Volume

How To Workout 101

STOP! Before Reading I Suggest You Read My Previous Blog Post Which is “Why Do We Need To Workout” So That You Have a Purpose To Workout and Have a Motivation To Workout ! Click The Link Below To Check it Out!


Nowadays You Can Learn About Anything From Anywhere, You Can Even Learn How To Workout From Youtube or Even This Blog, But The Easiest and Fastest Way To Learn is To Learn From a Fitness Coach, But Still, There is Even a Thing Called Online Coach Who Can Teach You How To Workout For Free.

There’s 3 Simple Steps To Know How To Workout:

  1. Know The Proper Way To Workout/The Good Form of Workout. Without Knowing The Proper Way of Lifting You Can End Up Having an Injury and Closed Your Growth Plates (for Teens), That’s Actually What Makes People Think Lifting Weights/Building a Muscle at a Young Age Would Stunts Growth, it’s Because of Improper Way of Lifting, Which Leads Me To The Next Point,
  2. You Need a Coach/Mentor/Friend Who Are Professional in The Gym. Without Having a Good Knowledge of How To Workout, You Wouldn’t Know How To Workout Properly, and Plus You Don’t Know if Whether What You’re Doing is Right or Not, So You’re Like a Traveler With No Destination, You Just Walk. (Mentor/Coach Here Can Be Online)
  3. You Need a Workout Plan. Without a Workout Plan, You’ll Not Know What Muscle Group To Train This Day, Therefore You’ll Also Rarely Hit The Gym Because You Don’t Have a Clarity For What Are You Going To Do at The Gym, But For Sure, If You Have a Mentor/Coach/Friend Who’s Pro, You’ll Definitely Have a Workout Plan.

Here Are Some Few Tips on How To Workout:

So Lets Talk About The First Post, Bro Split, Well Basically How Almost Every Dude Works Out, They Have Arms Day Without Noticing That When They Train Chest, They’re Most Likely Train Their Tricep; When They Train Back, They’re Most Likely Train Their Bicep, Example: Bench Press: Chest + Tricep; Pull-up: Back + Bicep, That is Why I Personally Recommend The Push Pull Leg or Usually Abbreviated into PPL Workout Program, You May Ask What’s That, Well, Let Me Explain One By One:

Push is Basically You Doing Push Movements That Trains Chest, Tricep, and Anterior Deltoid (Front Shoulder), For Example: Incline Bench Press Trains All Chest, Tricep, and Anterior Deltoid

Pull is Basically You Doing Pull Movements That Trains Back (Latissimus Dorsi, Trapezius, Rhomboid), Bicep, and Posterior Deltoid (Back Shoulder), For Example: Pull-up/Latissimus Pulldown Trains All Back, Bicep and Posterior Deltoid

Leg is Basically You Training Legs Which Are Quadricep (Front Thigh), Hamstring (Back Thigh), Gluteus Maximus (Butt), and Calves (Calves Are Just Addable), For Example: Squat Trains The Whole Leg Which Are Quadricep, Hamstring, Glutes, and Calves

Now Lets Talk About The Second Post,

Why Do You Recommend PPL? Why Not Upper/Lower? Why Not Full Body?

First, Lets Talk About The Upper/Lower Program,

First Thing First, Let Me Tell You The 3 Big Muscle in Our Body Which is: Chest, Back, and Leg; Can You Imagine When You’re Having Your Upper Body Day You’d Be Training 2 Big Muscles in The Same Day, You’d Be Very Exhausted, But When You Have a PPL Program, You’d Only Train 1 Big Muscle On That Day

Lastly, Lets Talk About The Full Body Program,

  1. So You Know Why I Don’t Agree With The Upper/Lower Program Because it Trains 2 Big Muscles at The Same Time Which Then Makes You So Exhausted, So Yeah, I Guess You Know Why I Don’t Really Like The Full Body Program,
  2. Well it’s Because You’d Be Training 3 Big Muscles on The Same Day, That Way You Can’t Really Focus That Much For One Big Muscle on That Day Because You Also Need To Focus on The Other 2 Muscles Which Makes You Unable To Lift A Lot For That One Big Muscle,
  3. Lastly, Our Muscle Needs Time To Recover And it May Take From 1-2 Days Sometimes Even 3 Days, If We Have A Full Body Program, We Can Only Workout For 3 Days/Week Because Our Muscle Needs To Have A Recovery At Least One Day, But What If Our Muscle is Still Sore After The Second Day of Recovery, We Can’t Workout and We’ll Skip a Day at The Gym, And This is Why I Like The PPL Program, Because If We Have Push Day Today, Tomorrow Our Push Muscles Will Need a Recovery And We Can Do a Pull Day, The Next Day Maybe Our Push Muscles Are Still Sore And Our Pull Muscles Are Definitely Sore, We Can Have Our Leg Day, The Next Day Our Pull Muscles May Still Be Sore And Our Legs Are Definitely Sore, But Our Push Muscles Have Got 2 Days Of Rest (The Pull Day and The Leg Day is The Recovery For Our Push Muscles) So We Can Have Another Push Day, That’s Why You’ve Got a Choice With The PPL Program, To Workout 3 Days/Week (For The Busy Ones or Beginner) or 6 Days/Week (For The One Who’s Really Committed at The Gym) or Even Everyday–7 Days/Week (Not Recommended it’ll Be Very Exhausting And Your Muscle Needs Recovery Except If You’re Already Expert/Master at The Gym, For Example: Deddy Corbuzier)

But I Do Recommend Full Body Workout Program For Beginners or Someone Busy, Because You Are Not Someone Who’s Really Focussing on Lifting Very Heavy Weights or Building a Lot of Muscle Mass Because You’re Still A Beginner or Someone Busy, For Someone Busy, You Can Actually Stay To This Program, But For Beginners, After 3-6 Months, I’m Pretty Sure You Built Some Muscle Mass and Could Lift Decent Amount of Weight, And So You’re Ready To Convert You’re Full Body Program To PPL Program

I Personally Use The PPL Program For 3 Days/Week Exercise Program, 3 Days of Weightlifting (PPL), 1 Day of Cardio, and 1 Day of Calisthenics To Train My Mobility (Full Body)

And Finally, Lets Talk About The Third Post,

How Many Repetition/Set Should I Do?

For Repetition, It Depends on Your Goal Actually, Do You Want To Be Strong? Gain Muscle Mass? or Have a Great Endurance?

If You Want To Be Strong or If You’re into Powerlifting, 1-5 Reps Are The Best For You To Train Strength, Because Within This Rep Range You’re Doing Strength Training, And Because You’re Just Doing 1-5 Reps, You’re Lifting As Heavy As You Can, So You’re Body Will Adapt To Gain You More Strength

If You Want To Gain More Muscle Mass or If You’re into Bodybuilding, 8-12 Reps Are The Best For You To Gain More Muscle Mass, Because Within This Rep Range You’re Muscle is Having Hypertrophy or Muscle Growth, And Because You’re Doing 8-12 Reps, You’re Lifting Moderately Heavy Weights That You Can Still Lift For 8-12 Reps, So You’re Body Will Adapt To Gain You More Muscle Mass

If You Want To Have a Great Endurance or You’re into Crossfit, 15-20+ Reps Are The Best For You To Have a Great Endurance, Because Within This Rep Range You’re Lifting Weights That You Can Lift For 15-20+ Reps, So You’re Body Will Adapt To Make You Have a Great Endurance

Although These 3 Ways Of Doing Repetition in Weightlifting Are Different, All Of Them Trains Strength, Gain You Muscle Mass, And Make You Have a Great Endurance, They Do Have Difference On What They Focus On (Strength, Muscle, And Endurance) But They Still Train All Of Them

I Personally Can Jump Between Hypertrophy and Strength Training Almost Every Week Because, For Example: Week 1 I Did 40Kg Squat For 10 Reps, So I Did Hypertrophy, So I Gain Muscle Mass, Now Because I Gain Muscle Mass I Automatically Gain Strength Too, So Week 2, I Can Do 45Kg Squat For 5 Reps, So I Did Strength Training, Now Because I Got Stronger on Week 3 I Could Do a 45Kg Squat For 10 Reps And That’s Hypertrophy, But For Training Abs, I Usually Do 20+ Reps For Sit-Ups, But 8-12 Reps For Hanging Leg Raises

For Set, I Recommend To Have Between 3-5 Sets For Each Exercise You Do, Because You Can Do Progressive Overload By Adding More Weight But Less Set, Or Same Weight But More Sets, Or Even Less Weight With More Reps and Sets

I Personally Changes My Amount Of Sets If I Changes The Amount Of Reps I’m Having, So For Example: Week 1 I Did a 40Kg Squat For 8 Reps 4 Sets, On Week 2 I’ll Be Stronger And Can Do a 40Kg Squat For 12 Reps 3 Sets, But On Week 3, I Decided To Add More Weight But I Did Less Reps Because it’s Heavy and Do a 45Kg Squat For 5 Reps 5 Sets, So By Adding More Sets, You Can Add More Reps On The Next Session Of Your Workout

Thank You For Reading This Blog! I Hope This Blog Can Help You Diet To Your Body Goal! If You Enjoyed This Blog, Please Follow Me on Instagram (@ambroseyolo) To Connect With Me! https://www.instagram.com/ambroseyolo/

Why Do We Need To Workout?

If Your Goal is Just To Lose Weight, Then You Don’t Really Need To Workout, But If Your Goal is To Look Fit and Be Fit, You Need a Workout, or Else You’ll Be Skinny Instead of Lean/Tone, or The Worse Part is You Become Skinny Fat

You See, To Get Lean/Tone You Need To Have Nutrition Knowledge and You Need To Workout, Not Just Eat Less and Burn as Much Calorie as You Can, NO! Well, Except If You Want To Just Lose BW, Which I Already Told You Why BW is it Not Important on My Last Blog

It Happens To Me Actually, Where I Just Eat Less, Not Tracking My Calorie Intake at All, This Was Way Before I Started Working Out, I Did Lose BW, I Did Lose Fat, But I Also Lost My Muscle and Strength Moreover My Body Frame Looks Small, Which Makes Me Look Like a Girl, and Even Though I Lose Some Fat, it’s Not Enough, Which Makes Me Skinny Fat, But That’s Just The Conclusion of My Overall Diet Story, I’ll Post a Blog About it in My Next Few Post, So Don’t Forget To Follow My Blog, or You Can Follow My Instagram (@ambroseyolo) To Get Notified If I Post a New Blog

Freedom of Working Out

You Are More Free To Eat, Why? Because Your Muscle Needs Food, So it’s Burning Fat Even While You’re Sleeping, So What You Eat Can Go To Your Muscle, Imagine You’re Just Doing Diet, You’re Not Free To Eat, You Can’t Eat Sugar, Salt, Oily Stuff, etc. But If You Workout Those Can Feed Your Muscle, Remember What I Said on My “Diet 101 Definition” Post, “A Diet Shouldn’t Be Difficult or Miserable, it Should’ve Been Fun & Easy To Do, So We Can Maintain The Diet”

Benefits Of Working Out

Even Though You Workout For Your Body To Look Good You’ll Also Get Healthier, Why? You Can Lift Things in Real Life Easier and Avoid Injury Because You Practiced Good Form at The Gym, Therefore You’ll Have a Strong Bone When You’re Old

Afraid of Being Too Big? https://diet101life.wordpress.com/2019/09/26/dont-be-afraid-of-being-too-big/

Girls Afraid to Gain Muscle? https://diet101life.wordpress.com/2019/09/26/girls-gaining-muscle/

Don’t Be Afraid Of Being “Too Big”

Guys, Come on, Rome Wasn’t Built in One Day, You Technically Cannot Get “Too Big” Because The Progress/Journey of Fitness is Very Long, If You’re Afraid To Go To The Gym Because You’re Afraid of Being Too Big, It’s Like You’re Saying “I Don’t Want To Go To University, I’m Afraid I’ll Become Ph.D”, See, It’s The Same Thing in Fitness, The Progress/Journey of Fitness is Not That Fast

Girls Gaining Muscle

Girls, Don’t Be Afraid To Gain Muscle Mass in The Gym, You Girls Don’t Have as Much Testosterone That Man Have, Therefore You Cannot Get as Buff as Man Does, in Fact, The Definitioin of ‘Toned’ is Actually You Girls Gaining Muscle, And as I Remember, The More Muscle You Gain The Smaller You’ll Be Girls! Girls Who Are Very Buff Usually Uses Testosterone Injection! So Keep Going and Don’t Be Afraid To Gain Muscle!

What Girls Are Afraid of…

Girls, Relax, You Cannot Be Like This Without Doing Some Testosterone Injection

Here Are Some Examples of ‘Toned’ Girls That Are Natural (Without Testosterone Injection)

Body Weight is Not Important!

Someone Can Be Having The Same Height & The Same BW But Have a Different Body Shape, Why? Because What’s Important is BF% (Body Fat Percentage) and Muscle Mass

In Fact, Even Your Diet Progress Cannot Be Analyzed Using BW, I Can Even Just Lose 2 Kg Right Away After I Take a Dump in The Morning, Because My Body Has Been Fasting For 8 Hours (Sleep) So My Stomach Would Be Empty, Furthermore If I Take a Dump, My Stomach Would Be Fully Empty

What’s Important is Your BF% & Muscle Mass, But How Do We Calculate Our BF% and Muscle Mass? You Can Buy a Scale Like This!


How To Diet 101

This is Actually a Summary of “Calorie Intake” and “Protein Intake”, So if You Haven’t Read Them Yet, I Suggest You Read Them First,

Protein Intake : https://diet101life.wordpress.com/2019/09/12/protein-intake/

Calorie Intake : https://diet101life.wordpress.com/2019/09/11/calorie-intake/

So Since You Guys Already Know How Much Calorie and How Much Protein a Person Needs, So Now How To Get To Your Body Goal?

Let Me Just Give You an Example:

Goku is a 15 Years Old Who Works Out Regularly, He is 70 Kg and 170 cm, And He Wants To Cut Down To 68 Kg

So, How Much Calorie and Protein Intake Should Goku Consume?

Because Goku is a Teen Who Works Out Regularly, So He Needs 2 Gram/Kg of His BW, 2 x 70 = 140 Grams of Protein

And Because Goku Wants To Cut, He’ll Eat 500 Calorie Below His TDEE, His TDEE Will Be Around 2200 Calorie Because He’s a Teen (Needs Growth) and He Works Out Regularly, So He Needs To Eat 1700 Calorie Everyday, Because He Burns 500 Calorie Everyday, He’ll Achieve 68 Kg in 4 Weeks, But Because He Works Out Regularly and He’s Still a Beginner, So He’ll Also Gain 1 Kg of Muscle Mass Every Month, So He’ll Achieve 68 Kg in 8 Weeks, It’s OK, What’s Important is Body Fat Percentage (BF%) And Muscle Mass Anyway

So How Do We Burn The Fat?

So, Let Me Tell You The Calorie Of a Fat First, 0.5 Kg of Fat is 3500 Calorie, So We’ll Lose 0.5 Kg of Fat Every Week

But, Why Must it Take That Long? Can’t We Just Burn More?

As I Said Before, If You Burn More You Could Actually Burn Your Muscle Too, Except if You’re Over Weight

Why Do We Need To Work Out?

Because Without Workout, You’ll Still Lose 0.5 Kg Every Week, But You’ll Just Lose 0.5 Kg Every Week, Not 0.5 Kg of Fat Every Week

Thank You For Reading This Blog! I Hope This Blog Can Help You Diet To Your Body Goal! If You Enjoyed This Blog, Please Follow Me on Instagram (@ambroseyolo) To Connect With Me! https://www.instagram.com/ambroseyolo/

Protein Intake

Now, After I Talked About Calorie Intake On My Last Post, Let’s Talk About “How Much Protein Do We Need Everyday?”

It Also Depends,
• What’s Your Age
• What’s Your Gender
• What’s Your Activity
Usually, If You’re a Teen, Male, and Does Workout, You’ll Need More Protein Intake Than Average Person, So How Much Exactly Do You Need?

Average Person – You’ll Need Around 0.8-1.0 Gram / Kg of Your BW (Body Weight) To Maintain a Proper Nutrition That Your Body Need

Teens or People Who Workout Regularly – You’ll Need 1.5 Gram / Kg of Your BW, For Teens, You Guys Need To Have a Proper Nutrition To Grow, and For People Who Workout, You Need Protein For Your Muscle Growth

Teens Who Works Out Regularly – You’ll Need 2 Gram / Kg of Your BW To Maintain Proper Nutrition For Your Growth and Your Muscle Growth


Alexander is a Teen Male Who Works Out Regularly, He is 70 Kg, He Needs 2 Gram / Kg of His BW, So 2 x 70 = 140 Gram of Protein Everyday

Isabella is an Average Person, She is 50 Kg, She Needs 0.8-1.0 Gram / Kg of Her BW, So 0.8-1.0 x 50 = 40-50 Grams of Protein Everyday

But How Do We Track Our Protein?

You Can Simply Check on Google and Type in “….. Nutrition Fact”, And it Will Show You All The Nutrition Facts of The Food You Searched For or You Can Look at The Nutrition Fact That is Usually Behind Your Food or You Can Download “MyFitnessPal” and The App Will Count it For You

But, Here Are Some Food With High Amount of Protein:

  • Chicken Breast, 30 Gram of Protein/100 Gram of Chicken Breast
  • Egg, 6 Gram/Egg
  • Average Meat, 25 Gram/100 Gram


Billy Ate 5 Eggs and 200 Gram of Chicken Breast, So 5 x 6 = 30 Grams (Egg), 30 x 2 = 60 Grams, So He Ate a Total of 90 Grams of Protein

Calorie Intake

Calorie – It Actually All Depend On What Your Goal is. If You Want To Do Cutting You’ll Eat Fewer Calorie, If You Want To Do Bulking You’ll Eat More Calorie. So How Few or How Much More Calorie Should You Eat?

So How Much Calorie Do We All Need To Consume?

Cutting – You’ll Eat With 500 Calories Fewer Than Your TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure), This is Called Deficit Calorie, Do Not Wish To Lose Fat or Lose Weight Without Doing Calorie Deficit, Because All Diet Leads to Calorie Deficit, But Why Do We Only Burn 500 Calories Everyday? Why Not More? Because If We Actually Burn More, We Don’t Actually Just Burn Our Fat, We’ll Also Burn Our Muscle, Except If You’re Very Overweight, I Do Suggest Burning More Than 500 Calories

Bulking – You’ll Eat Around 200-500 More Calorie Than Your TDEE, This is Called Calorie Surplus, This is Also a Clean Bulking, Means Around 80-90% of Your Gained Weight is Muscle Instead of Fat, If You Do Dirty Bulking (Eating Whatever You Want) That Would Usually Surpass 1000 Calorie Surplus, You’ll Still Gain Muscle Mass, But You’ll Also Gain Fat Faster Than Clean Bulking, Which Makes Your Muscle Gain Not Maximized Because You Need To Do Cutting Again To Eliminate The Fat

Maintain – If You Just Want to Maintain Your Body or Maintain a Good Healthy Body Weight, You Can Just Eat As Much As Your TDEE

TDEE – Knowing Your TDEE is Also Very Important, Because You’ll Know How Much You Burn Daily, Without Knowing Your TDEE, You’ll Not Know Whether You Burn Calories or You Add More Calories

But How Do We Count Our TDEE?

You Can Count it in This Link! https://tdeecalculator.net/

But How Do We Track Our Calorie?

  1. You Can Simply Check on Google and Type in “….. Nutrition Fact”
  2. You Can Look at The Nutrition Fact That is Usually Behind Your Food
  3. You Can Download “MyFitnessPal”

Diet 101 Definition

Diet is Not Something You Do For an Occasion or For Awhile, Diet is a Life Style.

Because If You Only Do it For Awhile, Your Body Will Also Stay For Awhile

Most People Assumed That Diet is Only To Change Your Eating Habit To Lose Weight, But No, Diet Can Also Help Us on Gaining Weight,

There are 4 Types Of Diet:

1. Cutting – This is The Type of Diet That Almost Every People Think Was The Definition of Diet Which is To Lose Fat/Weight, But The Thing is People Think That in This Type of Diet Your Only Allowed To Eat Fruits and Vegetables, No Guys, What’s Important Here is Tracking Your Calorie, You Can Technically Lose Fat Eating KFC By Doing Calorie Deficit Everyday, Which Mean You Need To Track Your Calorie.

2. Bulking – This is The Type of Diet That I Discussed Earlier Which is Gaining Weight, Not Everyone Wants To Just Lose Fat/Weight, Some People Are Struggling To Gain Muscle Mass/Gain Weight, Here We’ll Have To Do Calorie Surplus, But We Need To Combine it With Workout, Because Without Workout You’ll End Up Gaining Fat Instead of Muscle.

3. Body Recomposition – This is The Type of Diet Where You Can Lose Fat & Gain Muscle Mass at The Same Time, This Type of Diet is More Suitable and Possible For Fat People or Skinny Fat People, Because They Have Enough Energy in Their Fat That Can Feed Their Muscle.

4. Maintain – This Type of Diet is When You Feel Like You Have The Amount of Muscle That You Want and You Have a Desirable Body Fat, Basically You Have Achieved a Body That You Are Satisfied With and You Don’t Want To Add More Muscle or Decrease More Fat, The Goal Here is Just To Maintain The Body You Have Now.

A Diet Shouldn’t Be Difficult or Miserable, it Should’ve Been Fun & Easy To Do, So We Can Maintain The Diet

In Order To Maintain a Diet, The Diet Must Be Easy & Fun, So People Would Actually Do it & Will Do it Flawlessly

Thank You For Reading This Blog! I Hope This Blog Can Help You Diet To Your Body Goal! If You Enjoyed This Blog, Please Follow Me on Instagram (@ambroseyolo) To Connect With Me! https://www.instagram.com/ambroseyolo/

Food & Workout Are Equally Important

People Usually Say 70% Food & 30% Workout, It Actually Depends On Your Goal, If Your Goal is Just To Lose Body Weight, I Say it’s 90% Food & 10% Workout, Because Your Goal is Just To Lose Weight, You Only Need To Do Calorie Deficit, But If Your Goal is To Look Fit, I Say it’s 50% Food & 50% Workout, Because They’re Both Equally Important, I Used To Say 35% Food & 65% Workout Because If You Eat Too Much You Can Just Burn Them By Working Out, But I Realized That Both Are Equally Important, Because You Cannot Beat The Calorie You’re Eating By Burning More Calories, You’ll Still End Up Eating More Calories

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