Diet 101 Definition

Diet is Not Something You Do For an Occasion or For Awhile, Diet is a Life Style.

Because If You Only Do it For Awhile, Your Body Will Also Stay For Awhile

Most People Assumed That Diet is Only To Change Your Eating Habit To Lose Weight, But No, Diet Can Also Help Us on Gaining Weight,

There are 4 Types Of Diet:

1. Cutting – This is The Type of Diet That Almost Every People Think Was The Definition of Diet Which is To Lose Fat/Weight, But The Thing is People Think That in This Type of Diet Your Only Allowed To Eat Fruits and Vegetables, No Guys, What’s Important Here is Tracking Your Calorie, You Can Technically Lose Fat Eating KFC By Doing Calorie Deficit Everyday, Which Mean You Need To Track Your Calorie.

2. Bulking – This is The Type of Diet That I Discussed Earlier Which is Gaining Weight, Not Everyone Wants To Just Lose Fat/Weight, Some People Are Struggling To Gain Muscle Mass/Gain Weight, Here We’ll Have To Do Calorie Surplus, But We Need To Combine it With Workout, Because Without Workout You’ll End Up Gaining Fat Instead of Muscle.

3. Body Recomposition – This is The Type of Diet Where You Can Lose Fat & Gain Muscle Mass at The Same Time, This Type of Diet is More Suitable and Possible For Fat People or Skinny Fat People, Because They Have Enough Energy in Their Fat That Can Feed Their Muscle.

4. Maintain – This Type of Diet is When You Feel Like You Have The Amount of Muscle That You Want and You Have a Desirable Body Fat, Basically You Have Achieved a Body That You Are Satisfied With and You Don’t Want To Add More Muscle or Decrease More Fat, The Goal Here is Just To Maintain The Body You Have Now.

A Diet Shouldn’t Be Difficult or Miserable, it Should’ve Been Fun & Easy To Do, So We Can Maintain The Diet

In Order To Maintain a Diet, The Diet Must Be Easy & Fun, So People Would Actually Do it & Will Do it Flawlessly

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Published by Ambrose Chandra

I Write This Blog To Put Everything I Know About Diet Here, So That I Can Just Tell People Who Wants To Know About Diet To Just Go To My Blog Instead of Me Telling Them By Myself and Then Forgetting Some Points.

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