Calorie Intake

Calorie – It Actually All Depend On What Your Goal is. If You Want To Do Cutting You’ll Eat Fewer Calorie, If You Want To Do Bulking You’ll Eat More Calorie. So How Few or How Much More Calorie Should You Eat?

So How Much Calorie Do We All Need To Consume?

Cutting – You’ll Eat With 500 Calories Fewer Than Your TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure), This is Called Deficit Calorie, Do Not Wish To Lose Fat or Lose Weight Without Doing Calorie Deficit, Because All Diet Leads to Calorie Deficit, But Why Do We Only Burn 500 Calories Everyday? Why Not More? Because If We Actually Burn More, We Don’t Actually Just Burn Our Fat, We’ll Also Burn Our Muscle, Except If You’re Very Overweight, I Do Suggest Burning More Than 500 Calories

Bulking – You’ll Eat Around 200-500 More Calorie Than Your TDEE, This is Called Calorie Surplus, This is Also a Clean Bulking, Means Around 80-90% of Your Gained Weight is Muscle Instead of Fat, If You Do Dirty Bulking (Eating Whatever You Want) That Would Usually Surpass 1000 Calorie Surplus, You’ll Still Gain Muscle Mass, But You’ll Also Gain Fat Faster Than Clean Bulking, Which Makes Your Muscle Gain Not Maximized Because You Need To Do Cutting Again To Eliminate The Fat

Maintain – If You Just Want to Maintain Your Body or Maintain a Good Healthy Body Weight, You Can Just Eat As Much As Your TDEE

TDEE – Knowing Your TDEE is Also Very Important, Because You’ll Know How Much You Burn Daily, Without Knowing Your TDEE, You’ll Not Know Whether You Burn Calories or You Add More Calories

But How Do We Count Our TDEE?

You Can Count it in This Link!

But How Do We Track Our Calorie?

  1. You Can Simply Check on Google and Type in “….. Nutrition Fact”
  2. You Can Look at The Nutrition Fact That is Usually Behind Your Food
  3. You Can Download “MyFitnessPal”

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I Write This Blog To Put Everything I Know About Diet Here, So That I Can Just Tell People Who Wants To Know About Diet To Just Go To My Blog Instead of Me Telling Them By Myself and Then Forgetting Some Points.

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