Girls Gaining Muscle

Girls, Don’t Be Afraid To Gain Muscle Mass in The Gym, You Girls Don’t Have as Much Testosterone That Man Have, Therefore You Cannot Get as Buff as Man Does, in Fact, The Definitioin of ‘Toned’ is Actually You Girls Gaining Muscle, And as I Remember, The More Muscle You Gain The Smaller You’ll Be Girls! Girls Who Are Very Buff Usually Uses Testosterone Injection! So Keep Going and Don’t Be Afraid To Gain Muscle!

What Girls Are Afraid of…

Girls, Relax, You Cannot Be Like This Without Doing Some Testosterone Injection

Here Are Some Examples of ‘Toned’ Girls That Are Natural (Without Testosterone Injection)

Published by Ambrose Chandra

I Write This Blog To Put Everything I Know About Diet Here, So That I Can Just Tell People Who Wants To Know About Diet To Just Go To My Blog Instead of Me Telling Them By Myself and Then Forgetting Some Points.

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