Types of Resistance Training

Usually People Break This Down Into Just 2 Categories, Which Are Calisthenic and Gym, But We Could Break Down The Gym Into Another 3 Categories, Which Are Free-Weight, Machine, and Cable

Here Are The Examples of The Types of Resistance Training:

We Will Use The Same Muscle Group For The Example

1. Calisthenic

2. Free Weight

3. Machine

4. Cable

Benefits Of Each Type Of Resistance Training:

1. Calisthenic. Calisthenic is Very Good For Compound Training and For Your Mobility and Stability, Although This Workout is A Little Hard When You Want To Add Difficulty/Weight, Because You Need To Change Technique Instead of Adding Weight Like in The Gym, And It’s Also Hard To Find an Isolation Workout Here

2. Free Weight. Free Weight is Also Very Good For Compound Training, Although It’s Also Good For Isolation Training, It Also Trains Stability And It’s Easy To Add Difficulty/Weight Here, But Free Weight Requires a Strong Core And Could Lead To Injury If it Were Done Wrong

3. Machine. Machine is Very Good To Focus On Your Workout Because It’s Only 1 Dimensional, Which Means That It Only Goes One Way, Making it Easier Because You Don’t Need To Think About Stability, That is Why Machines Are Best For Beginners And Isolation Workout, But it Can Also Be Bad If You Don’t Train Stability Because You Can Create Muscle Imbalance/Assymetry

4. Cable. Cable is Very Good To Create Resistance Even In The End Of Your Movement Unlike Free Weight And Machine That Only Creates Resistance in The Movement, Cable is Just As Good As Free Weight For Training Stability And Cables Are Saving Space Because Two Cables Can Do a Full Body Workout, Just Like The Example Below:

But Calisthenic Can Also Be Helped By Gym Equipments, For Example:

Calisthenic X Machine and Calisthenic X Free Weight

Calisthenic X Machine Can Help You Do Pull Up Easier Without Changing Techniques, Calisthenic X Free Weight Can Help You Progressive Overload Without Changing Techniques

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