Protein Intake

Now, After I Talked About Calorie Intake On My Last Post, Let’s Talk About “How Much Protein Do We Need Everyday?”

It Also Depends,
• What’s Your Age
• What’s Your Gender
• What’s Your Activity
Usually, If You’re a Teen, Male, and Does Workout, You’ll Need More Protein Intake Than Average Person, So How Much Exactly Do You Need?

Average Person – You’ll Need Around 0.8-1.0 Gram / Kg of Your BW (Body Weight) To Maintain a Proper Nutrition That Your Body Need

Teens or People Who Workout Regularly – You’ll Need 1.5 Gram / Kg of Your BW, For Teens, You Guys Need To Have a Proper Nutrition To Grow, and For People Who Workout, You Need Protein For Your Muscle Growth

Teens Who Works Out Regularly – You’ll Need 2 Gram / Kg of Your BW To Maintain Proper Nutrition For Your Growth and Your Muscle Growth


Alexander is a Teen Male Who Works Out Regularly, He is 70 Kg, He Needs 2 Gram / Kg of His BW, So 2 x 70 = 140 Gram of Protein Everyday

Isabella is an Average Person, She is 50 Kg, She Needs 0.8-1.0 Gram / Kg of Her BW, So 0.8-1.0 x 50 = 40-50 Grams of Protein Everyday

But How Do We Track Our Protein?

You Can Simply Check on Google and Type in “….. Nutrition Fact”, And it Will Show You All The Nutrition Facts of The Food You Searched For or You Can Look at The Nutrition Fact That is Usually Behind Your Food or You Can Download “MyFitnessPal” and The App Will Count it For You

But, Here Are Some Food With High Amount of Protein:

  • Chicken Breast, 30 Gram of Protein/100 Gram of Chicken Breast
  • Egg, 6 Gram/Egg
  • Average Meat, 25 Gram/100 Gram


Billy Ate 5 Eggs and 200 Gram of Chicken Breast, So 5 x 6 = 30 Grams (Egg), 30 x 2 = 60 Grams, So He Ate a Total of 90 Grams of Protein

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