Carbohydrate VS Fat

Don’t Be Afraid of Consuming Carbohydrate! In Fact, When ‘Bulking’ Bodybuilders Have 60-65% of Carbohydrate on Their Meals, Because Our Muscle Need Carbohydrate To Grow And Our Muscle Need Carbohydrate To Recover, Not Just Protein Don’t Be Afraid of Consuming Fat! As Long As You’re in a Caloric Deficit, You Will Not Gain Fat ByContinue reading “Carbohydrate VS Fat”

How To Burn Belly Fat

NO! You Can’t Spot Reduce Fat By Doing a Movement That Trains That Specific Spot’s Muscle! Example: Sit-Ups Trains Abs Muscle, Not Burn Abs Fat, Sit-Ups Burns Calories, it Burns The Whole Body Fat Although Your Abdominal Muscle Will Be Growing, Which Makes Your Abdominal Look Toner, But Your Six Pack Can Only Be SeenContinue reading “How To Burn Belly Fat”

How To Workout 101

STOP! Before Reading I Suggest You Read My Previous Blog Post Which is “Why Do We Need To Workout” So That You Have a Purpose To Workout and Have a Motivation To Workout ! Click The Link Below To Check it Out! Nowadays You Can Learn About Anything From Anywhere, You Can Even LearnContinue reading “How To Workout 101”

How To Diet 101

This is Actually a Summary of “Calorie Intake” and “Protein Intake”, So if You Haven’t Read Them Yet, I Suggest You Read Them First, Protein Intake : Calorie Intake : So Since You Guys Already Know How Much Calorie and How Much Protein a Person Needs, So Now How To Get To YourContinue reading “How To Diet 101”

Diet 101 Definition

Diet is Not Something You Do For an Occasion or For Awhile, Diet is a Life Style. Because If You Only Do it For Awhile, Your Body Will Also Stay For Awhile Most People Assumed That Diet is Only To Change Your Eating Habit To Lose Weight, But No, Diet Can Also Help Us onContinue reading “Diet 101 Definition”

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