Why Resistance Training?

First of All, The Only Way For You To Gain Muscle is By Training Them, Which is What Resistance Training is If You’re Goal is To Lose Weight and Not Lose Fat, Just Do Diet, But if You Want To Transform Your Body and Achieve Your Body Goal, You Need Resistance Training, I’ve Explained WhyContinue reading “Why Resistance Training?”

Don’t Be Afraid Of Being “Too Big”

Guys, Come on, Rome Wasn’t Built in One Day, You Technically Cannot Get “Too Big” Because The Progress/Journey of Fitness is Very Long, If You’re Afraid To Go To The Gym Because You’re Afraid of Being Too Big, It’s Like You’re Saying “I Don’t Want To Go To University, I’m Afraid I’ll Become Ph.D”, See,Continue reading “Don’t Be Afraid Of Being “Too Big””

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