Does Fitness Stunts Growth?

Simple Answer, NO! Complete Answer, It May Stunt Your Growth if You Got Injured, But As Long As You Practice Good Form And Not Ego-Lifting, it May Even Help You Get Taller I Have Proof: But Why Do Most Bodybuilders And/Or Powerlifters Are Short? Well… Let Me Explain Imagine a 170 cm (5’7″) Person AndContinue reading “Does Fitness Stunts Growth?”

Healthy ≠ Fit Body ≠ Strong

Having a Fit Body Doesn’t Mean That You’re Healthy And/Or Strong, You May Have a Fit Body But You May Not Eat Healthy Foods and You May Not Have a Good Cardio, You May Have a Fit Body But You May Not Be as Strong as a Powerlifter and Not as Strong as an MMAContinue reading “Healthy ≠ Fit Body ≠ Strong”

Progressive Overload

Why is Progressive Overload Important For Your Workout Plan? Because Without Progressive Overload You’ll End Up Not Gaining More Muscle and Strength, Imagine This, Week 1 Of Your Squat Weights, Repetitions, and Sets Are 40Kg 8 Reps 3 Sets, And Week 2 You Did The Same Thing, And Week 3 You Did The Same Thing,Continue reading “Progressive Overload”

How To Workout 101

STOP! Before Reading I Suggest You Read My Previous Blog Post Which is “Why Do We Need To Workout” So That You Have a Purpose To Workout and Have a Motivation To Workout ! Click The Link Below To Check it Out! Nowadays You Can Learn About Anything From Anywhere, You Can Even LearnContinue reading “How To Workout 101”

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