Carbohydrate VS Fat

Don’t Be Afraid of Consuming Carbohydrate! In Fact, When ‘Bulking’ Bodybuilders Have 60-65% of Carbohydrate on Their Meals, Because Our Muscle Need Carbohydrate To Grow And Our Muscle Need Carbohydrate To Recover, Not Just Protein Don’t Be Afraid of Consuming Fat! As Long As You’re in a Caloric Deficit, You Will Not Gain Fat ByContinue reading “Carbohydrate VS Fat”

Does Fitness Stunts Growth?

Simple Answer, NO! Complete Answer, It May Stunt Your Growth if You Got Injured, But As Long As You Practice Good Form And Not Ego-Lifting, it May Even Help You Get Taller I Have Proof: But Why Do Most Bodybuilders And/Or Powerlifters Are Short? Well… Let Me Explain Imagine a 170 cm (5’7″) Person AndContinue reading “Does Fitness Stunts Growth?”

How To Burn Belly Fat

NO! You Can’t Spot Reduce Fat By Doing a Movement That Trains That Specific Spot’s Muscle! Example: Sit-Ups Trains Abs Muscle, Not Burn Abs Fat, Sit-Ups Burns Calories, it Burns The Whole Body Fat Although Your Abdominal Muscle Will Be Growing, Which Makes Your Abdominal Look Toner, But Your Six Pack Can Only Be SeenContinue reading “How To Burn Belly Fat”

Cool Down/Post-Workout Routine

These Are Some Suggestions For Your Cool Down/Post-Workout Routine: 1. Stretch. It’s Important For You To Stretch After Your Workout To Relax The Muscle, Helping in its Recovery and Growth 2. Eat. This is Crucial Because Your Muscle Need Food After Your Workout, it Doesn’t Need To Be Done Immediately, But Not Too Long, JustContinue reading “Cool Down/Post-Workout Routine”

Warm Up/Pre-Workout Routine

These Are Some Suggestions For Your Warm Up/Pre-Workout Routine: 1. Stretching. You Could Stretch Your Muscle That You’re About To Train To Prevent Cramps 2. Warm Up Set. This Warm Up is Crucial To Do So That Your Muscle Would Be Ready To Lift Something Heavy, Example: If You Want To Do Squat For 40Continue reading “Warm Up/Pre-Workout Routine”

Why Resistance Training?

First of All, The Only Way For You To Gain Muscle is By Training Them, Which is What Resistance Training is If You’re Goal is To Lose Weight and Not Lose Fat, Just Do Diet, But if You Want To Transform Your Body and Achieve Your Body Goal, You Need Resistance Training, I’ve Explained WhyContinue reading “Why Resistance Training?”

Why Fitness is The Center of All Sports

Fitness is The Center of All Sports! Why? Let’s Agree That All Sports Requires You To Move And All Movements Involves Your Muscles, Therefore All Sports Needs To Train Their Muscle For Example: Swimming (Butterfly Stroke) Mainly Uses The Lattisimus Dorsi, Tricep, And Quadricep, So By Training Those Muscle at The Gym, I Will BeContinue reading “Why Fitness is The Center of All Sports”

Types of Resistance Training

Usually People Break This Down Into Just 2 Categories, Which Are Calisthenic and Gym, But We Could Break Down The Gym Into Another 3 Categories, Which Are Free-Weight, Machine, and Cable Here Are The Examples of The Types of Resistance Training: We Will Use The Same Muscle Group For The Example 1. Calisthenic 2. FreeContinue reading “Types of Resistance Training”

Healthy ≠ Fit Body ≠ Strong

Having a Fit Body Doesn’t Mean That You’re Healthy And/Or Strong, You May Have a Fit Body But You May Not Eat Healthy Foods and You May Not Have a Good Cardio, You May Have a Fit Body But You May Not Be as Strong as a Powerlifter and Not as Strong as an MMAContinue reading “Healthy ≠ Fit Body ≠ Strong”

7 Reasons Why Your Friend Eat a Lot But Doesn't Get Fat

1. Calorie Density He May Eat a Lot, But Not a Lot of Calorie. Lets Take a Look at Food’s Calorie Density, Like For Example: 2. His Only Meal / One of His Meal The Meal That You See Him Eating May Be His Only Meal For The Day OR He May Eat a lotContinue reading “7 Reasons Why Your Friend Eat a Lot But Doesn't Get Fat”

Cardio VS Resistance Training

Cardio and Resistance Training Has Been The Most Popular Exercise in The Gym But The Ultimate Question is, Which One is Better? Let’s Talk About Cardio First, Cardio is in Fact The Best Calorie-Burning Exercise, You Can Burn 700 Calories / Hour Where as in Resistance Training You Only Burn 200 Calories / Hour, ButContinue reading “Cardio VS Resistance Training”

Progressive Overload

Why is Progressive Overload Important For Your Workout Plan? Because Without Progressive Overload You’ll End Up Not Gaining More Muscle and Strength, Imagine This, Week 1 Of Your Squat Weights, Repetitions, and Sets Are 40Kg 8 Reps 3 Sets, And Week 2 You Did The Same Thing, And Week 3 You Did The Same Thing,Continue reading “Progressive Overload”

Protein Intake

Now, After I Talked About Calorie Intake On My Last Post, Let’s Talk About “How Much Protein Do We Need Everyday?” It Also Depends,• What’s Your Age• What’s Your Gender• What’s Your ActivityUsually, If You’re a Teen, Male, and Does Workout, You’ll Need More Protein Intake Than Average Person, So How Much Exactly Do YouContinue reading “Protein Intake”

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