Cardio VS Resistance Training

Cardio and Resistance Training Has Been The Most Popular Exercise in The Gym But The Ultimate Question is, Which One is Better?

Let’s Talk About Cardio First, Cardio is in Fact The Best Calorie-Burning Exercise, You Can Burn 700 Calories / Hour Where as in Resistance Training You Only Burn 200 Calories / Hour, But What is a Cardio Workout? A Cardio Workout is a Workout That Trains The Heart, I Mean The Name itself Should Explain, Cardio Refers to Heart, But How Do You Do a Cardio Workout? Have You Ever Jog, Cycle, or Swim and Then Your Heart Start Pounding? Yes, That’s Cardio! So For Cardio, You Can Jog, Cycle, or Swim For The Most Common Cardio Workout

This is The Way Cardio Burn Calories:

  1. Burns Calories. in Fact, The Best Calorie-Burning Exercise.

Benefits of Cardio:

  1. Healthier Heart. it Trains Your Heart To Be Stronger/Trains Your Endurance.
  2. Better Lungs Capacity. it Increases Our Lungs Capacity

Now, Let’s Talk About Resistance Training, Resistance Training is The Workout That Trains Your Muscle, it Could Be Calisthenic or Weight Lifting, Though it May Not Burn as Much Calorie as Cardio Do, it Can Burn Calories After Your Workout Where as in Cardio You’re Only Burning Calories When Doing The Workout, Once You’re Done, it Will Stop Burn Calories

These Are The Ways Resistance Training Burn Calories:

  1. Burns Calories. Even Though it May Not Burn as Much Calorie as Cardio Do it Still Burns 200 Calorie / Hour.
  2. Afterburn Effect. Not Only Burning Calorie While You Workout, But Your Body Will Still Burn Calorie For The Next 24 Hours From Your Workout.
  3. Increase in TDEE. Once The Muscle Grew Bigger, Your Body Needs More Food To Feed Your Muscle, Hence Increase in Your Total Daily Calorie Need.

Benefits of Resistance Training:

  1. Bigger Muscle. Makes You Look Good.
  2. Stronger Muscle. Makes Lifting Heavy Stuff Easier For You.
  3. Stronger Bone. Makes You Able To Still Do Deadlifts When You Grow Old.

I Personally Choose Resistance Training Over Cardio But That Doesn’t Mean Cardio is Not Important at All, I Still Do Cardio Once a Week To Have a Healthier Heart, Not To Burn Calories or Burn Fat, Because By its Name “Cardio” it’s Clearly an Exercise For Heart Not For Burning Fat, If You Want To Burn Fat I Suggest You Do Resistance Training Because it Burns Your Fat When You’re Working Out, After You Workout, And it Even Increases Your TDEE When Your Muscles Are Built

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