Volume of Workout

If You Want To Count The Volume Of Your Workout You Can Just Multiply Your Weight That You Lift, Reps, and Sets (Weight x Reps x Sets), Example: I Just Did a 45Kg Squat For 8 Reps 3 Sets VS I Just Did a 40Kg Squat For 12 Reps 3 Sets, The Volume Would Be 45 x 8 x 3 VS 40 x 12 x 3, Which is 1.080Kg VS 1.440 Kg, So It Doesn’t Mean If Your Lifting Heavier You’re Lifting More Volume

Published by Ambrose Chandra

I Write This Blog To Put Everything I Know About Diet Here, So That I Can Just Tell People Who Wants To Know About Diet To Just Go To My Blog Instead of Me Telling Them By Myself and Then Forgetting Some Points.

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